Effective executive functioning strategies help students increase confidence and productivity.

Many children struggle to complete homework due to lack of motivation or the tendency to be distracted. However, if your child shows an inability to complete everyday tasks such as homework and chores, or has trouble making the right decisions, they might benefit from working with an executive functioning coach. A coach can help a child learn how to moderate their behavior, become more focused and organized, and become more confident and productive in school.

Executive Functioning is a collection of brain processes that are responsible for the following


The ability to stop your behavior at the appropriate time, including actions and thoughts.


The ability to move smoothly from one situation to another and to respond in a flexible and appropriate fashion to each situation.

Emotion Control

The ability to manage emotional responses by using rational thought to mitigate feelings.


The ability to begin an activity and independently create ideas, responses, or problem-solving strategies.

Working Memory

The capacity to retain information in your mind for the purpose of completing a task.


The ability to manage current tasks in tandem with future demands.

Organization of Materials

The ability to produce order with work, play, and storage spaces.


The ability to monitor your performance and measure it against the standard of what is needed or expected.

What are signs to look for?

  • Impulsivity
  • Extreme Disorganization
  • Short Term Memory Loss
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Inappropriate Behaviors

Would working with an executive functioning coach help?

Identifying learning differences can help students better understand their challenges and help educators better serve them.

Our executive functioning coaches can help your child develop new strategies and habits.

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