If your student believes they may benefit from a Gap Year before college, we are happy to help recommend programs.

Teens who participate in these programs gain a broader global perspective, a better understanding of personal needs, and increased independence.

Many overseas programs place students right in the heart of a culture, so they can live and learn among the local residents. Other students find meaningful experiences closer to home.

Types of Programs


Explore the world while gaining a better perspective on how you fit into the global society.


Gain hands-on experience in your chosen field, learn from industry experts, network with peers, and connect with mentors in order to learn and grow.


Give back to your local, or global, community and discover transferable skills that you can apply to the next stage of your life.


Experience a varied structure of daily activities and discover how to create multi-layered goals.

Gap Year programs are designed for high school graduates to…

Explore the world

Gain hands-on experience

Develop a stronger sense of goals.

All before entering their first year of college!

Gap Year planning is exciting

Gap Year programs offer volunteer opportunities, paid work experiences, worldwide travel, sports education, wildlife adventures, and much more in many locations.

We can provide a personalized list of Gap Year recommendations with detailed information on each program.