Academic coaches support students across all subjects.

Academic coaching caters to students who would benefit from having someone by their side on a regular basis to ensure that assignments are being completed consistently.​

Our academic coaches help your student get organized and gain confidence in their skills.

How JBG Can Help

Time Management

Academic coaches instill a sense of personal accountability as well as proven methods of managing time.


Students will learn how to keep their work space organized, stay on top of assignments, and effectively study material.

Emotional Support

Academic coaches ensure parents, teachers, and students are working together to help students thrive emotionally and academically.

Academic Support

Like traditional tutors, academic coaches can help with comprehension, clarification, and support with assignments.

What’s your personality type?

Everyone has different talents, interests, and skill-sets. Simply put, that is what “makes the world go ’round.”

When high school students are faced with the difficult task of choosing a college major, they often feel overwhelmed by all of the choices and unsure of their own professional strengths

Meyers-Briggs Personality Test

The Myers-Briggs personality test is an excellent tool for helping people gain a better understanding of themselves.

The results show if someone is introverted, extraverted, a dominant sensor, a dominant intuitive, a dominant thinker, or a dominant feeler.