We partner with families as they seek academic support for their child.

As educational advocates, we work with students’ families, schools, and other relevant professionals to help students receive the support needed to experience growth in academics.

We work to ensure that our students are being treated fairly, are receiving proper accommodations, and are utilizing offered resources.

Connecting all the components of a successful educational experience.

Connecting with students

We study a student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) and champion accommodations that best suit their academic needs.

Connecting with parents

We listen to parents’ concerns, analyze the needs of the student, and help to advocate for accommodations to help their child succeed.

Connecting with teachers

Partnering with teachers to ensure accommodations are being followed, we work together to best help students on their academic journey.

Connecting with schools

Partnering with schools to determine the appropriate supports for a student, we help parents navigate these conversations.

Learning Disabilities

A learning disability often exists in the presence of notable strengths. It is lifelong, but manifests differently over time.

Looking for personalized assistance for your student with learning disabilities? JBG is here to support you.

More on Learning Disabilities

Learning disabilities are neurologically-based disorders of processing information.

They impact listening, thinking, speaking, reading, written language, spelling and/or math.