About JBG

Our mission is to meet the academic and supportive needs of our clients.

JBG Educational Group and JBG Counseling Alliance offer a personalized approach to tutoring, advocacy, school admissions, and wellness. We support students in grades K-12 and beyond in academics, executive functioning, standardized test prep, private school admissions, college admissions, and neuropsychological testing and evaluation. We also provide life coaching and crisis counseling for families seeking support.

Our goal is to guide your family wherever you need support, as we encourage wellness, growth, and confidence.

Located in Old E Medfield Square, Medfield, MA

At JBG, we address everything under the educational and psychological spectrum, and most importantly, where they overlap.

JBG offers our clients personalized support as we identify their goals, determine a plan of action, and support them every step of the way.

Whether a student is struggling in class, facing a challenging time, or applying to a competitive program, we can provide the level of help that they require.