College consultants provide guidance through the the college admissions process.

As students start to plan for their future, the college process can be exciting but also daunting. JBG can help you evaluate, develop, and establish a game plan for your student’s next step in their educational career.

Our College Consulting “a la carte” menu allows you to choose the services that you need to guide the process.

How JBG Can Help

School List

Talk with the student about their skills and interests, gain a better understanding of Naviance, create a preliminary school list, narrow options, and finalize choices.

School Tours

Create a plan for visiting schools. Discuss with your consultant a strategy for college visits and interviews.

College Essay

Craft a personal essay that you are proud of with the support of an essay tutor. Produce a resume and thoughtful responses to supplemental questions. 

Application Assistance & Review

Stay on top of application requirements and deadlines, ensuring that information is complete and presented in the best light.

Learning Disability Consultations

Research and identify the best programs and schools for your student’s specific needs.


Advise on how to find scholarships that your student can apply for.

Sports Consultations

Guide athletes through this unique application process, advising them on how to reach out to coaches, attend events to showcase their talents, and weigh options.

Artistic Consultations

Introduce students to both art schools and traditional liberal arts colleges/universities so they can determine the best path to further their growth.

College Admissions Timeline


Develop a list of
target schools




entrance exam







What is the Common App?

Many colleges accept the Common Application for undergraduate or graduate programs. The website offers a location to store and organize information needed for the college application process.

While the majority of schools partner with the Common App to make submissions easier, some are housed on a similar, but alternate site called the Coalition Application. Some schools will only accept submissions through their own websites.  

JBG can help guide you through the application process.

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