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University of Colorado Boulder

August 19, 2011 / Posted by in Blog

(Written by Julia H.)

Located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, the city of Boulder, Colorado offers one of America’s top educations in one of the most beautiful places in America. The University of Colorado at Boulder fosters an atmosphere that encourages students to pursue anything they so desire. While the University of Colorado at Boulder does often attract skiers, snowboarders, climbers, and other types of outdoor adventurers who enjoy eating only granola and braiding their leg hair; with 26,111 enrolled undergrads, all different types of people populate it’s campus—even those who detest the snow.

So what are the other things Boulder offers? You wouldn’t necessarily associate Boulder, Colorado with a good football team, but the Colorado Buffaloes are one of the best college football teams. CU football is huge on campus, and there is a large sense of school pride. Often partying is associated with football if that is your scene. If football isn’t you’re thing, CU Boulder also has Greek life, clubs, volunteer work, performing arts, concerts and much more to offers its students.

Beyond the football team, school pride, and history of the school is very important to the CU Boulder community. As a prospective student on a campus tour, the last place you are brought to is the school’s museum, which is on campus. There they showcase a rock from the moon (as CU Boulder has had a large number of astronauts as alumni), a wall reserved for alumni achievements (for example both the inventor of post-it notes and the creators of the TV show, South Park graduated from CU Boulder) and the stuffed head of their first ever buffalo mascot.

The beauty of Boulder and the CU campus will enchant you. The mountains are close enough to touch, and the weather couldn’t be better. Boulder boasts a statistic of at least 300 days of sunshine per year. This may be why students and residents in Boulder are all incredibly friendly and willing to give you directions, or whatever else you may need.

One word of caution: beware if University of Colorado at Boulder is your first choice. The admissions office is explicit in its zero tolerance for “senior slides”. They are not afraid to rescind their offers if seniors’ grades slip too far down during the end of the year, which they make a point to look at!

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