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The Rivers School

June 17, 2015 / Posted by in Blog

“Excellence with Humanity” is the motto of The Rivers School, which is located in Weston, Massachusetts. Founded in 1915, “Rivers” is now home to 489 students in grades six through twelve. Rivers pulls students from seventy towns in Massachusetts, and has an average class size of twelve. The student body is both diverse and close-knit. The school offers thirty-eight honors and Advanced Placement courses, and its alumni matriculate to all eight Ivy League Schools, as well as many other prestigious colleges and universities. Rivers takes pride in its wide range of co-curricular activities and offers students a variety of athletics, arts programs, community service opportunities, and assorted clubs. It is a proponent of individuality in education and understands that each student has a unique way of learning. Teachers use a variety of different mediums in their classrooms in order to connect with students. Rivers also utilizes experiential learning and connects students with prestigious internships, including research opportunities at nearby Boston Children’s Hospital and Boston University Medical Center, as well as business internships with successful Boston-area investment banks and start-up firms. Additionally, Rivers is renowned for its independent conservatory and has music education available for students of all ages. It offers ensembles for wind instruments, symphonies, jazz music, and vocals, as well as a staff comprised of premier classical musicians in the Boston area.

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