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The Most Popular College Majors since 2010

July 8, 2015 / Posted by in Blog

While your major does not forever define you, it does dictate what type of classes will dominate your course load for the next four years. Therefore, you definitely want to pick something that is of interest to you. Below is Princeton Review’s list of the current top ten most popular college majors:

  • Business Administration and Management
  • Psychology
  • Nursing
  • Biology/Biological Sciences
  • Education
  • English language and literature
  • Economics
  • Communications
  • Political science and government
  • Computer and information sciences

The names of these majors may vary in some form or another, but they are typically present at most schools. Other things to keep in mind when choosing a major:

  • Certain majors, namely nursing (number three on this list) and architecture require you to apply to the school with that declared major, which unfortunately makes it very hard to transfer into or out of a nursing or architecture program. Keep that in mind now when applying to schools!
  • For someone looking for secure job placement, engineering, a currently up and coming major, has a large demand in the job market right now. And, if you can find a school that has a program for it, Petroleum engineering is statistically the highest paid degree right out of college.

Most schools have a fairly easy major change process, so what you initially declare is not usually set in stone. It is ok to experiment and take courses that sound interesting to you. College is all about the exploration of academics and expanding your horizons. So, rather than following statistics, it is most important to choose a major you genuinely enjoy.

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