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November 14, 2010 / Posted by in Testimonials

Since 2004, we are proud to have helped not only individual students, but entire families accomplish their academic goals. This is an open comment area where our families can share their experiences with JBG Educational Group. If you would like to submit a testimonial, please leave a comment here!


  1. Shannon Murray says:

    My name is Shannon Murray and I am currently a senior at Needham High School and am in the process of making a decision about what institution I will be attending next year. This year I participate in Habitat for Humanity club and went to South Carolina over February vacation with a group of students for it. I am also in the Charity Water club and am on Yearbook. I baby-sit Monday through Wednesday after school and enjoy being the Vice President of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Jr. Board.

    The college process is definitely a daunting one. At the start of it, I had no clue what to do and how to get started. With the help of JBG tutoring group I was able to start the process early. It was stress free from beginning to end. The only difficult and nerve-racking part was waiting to hear back from colleges. Immediately getting started with JBG I was tutored for a last try on my SAT’s and the start of the college application process. I was able to bring up my SAT score my 130 points after getting tutored by Stacy. From picking out the handful of schools to writing essays and pressing submit, I had a tremendous amount of guidance and support. I applied to 11 schools and got into 9 of them. It was so exciting and rewarding to constantly receive acceptance letters in the mail especially from those schools that were a bit in my reach. I have been accepted to University of New Hampshire, College of Charleston, UMASS Amherst, Roger Williams University, Miami University of Ohio, Providence College, Loyola University Maryland, Fairfield University, and the University of Delaware. I am interested in pursuing a major in Business or communications. At the moment I am leaning towards attending University of Delaware where I plan to major in Business and Fashion Merchandising.

    Jamie really knows the ins and outs of the college process. She worked with my interests to help me find what schools I would like best. She got a feel for what location, majors, extracurricular activities, sports, and study abroad programs I desired at a school and that were in my academic reach. I definitely owe a big part of my success in this overwhelming process to Jamie and Stacy. I am excited to make a decision and start the next chapter of my life.

  2. Julia Heiland says:

    My name is Julia Heiland and I am about to graduate from Dana Hall School in Wellesley. Next year I will be attending the University of Miami where I will be majoring in Communication Studies. My senior year has kept me extremely busy and I have been involved in many different activities such as the co-editor of my school’s literary arts magazine, taking five different types of dance, helping to start up Dana Hall’s Christian club, performing in gospel choir, skiing and snowboarding on the weekends, working two jobs, one teaching kids how to ski and the other a security job at my school, and most importantly, interning with JBG.

    My family began working with JBG tutors a few years ago when my sister found herself struggling with her writing and since then between my sister and I we have probably worked with at least half the tutors JBG has to offer. Junior year when I first started the college process I was introduced to Jamie for the first time. Choosing colleges to apply to is a task that requires you to be completely honest in your opinions and wants/needs. I never felt uncomfortable telling Jamie exactly how I felt about a school and together we were able to compose the list of 17 schools I applied to.

    17 is a big number and many of the schools also had one or two or seven billion supplements on top of a personal essay. Jamie recommended I meet with Stacy who not only helped me write the multiple essays, but also had me write them before the summer was over. Stacy was really helpful in giving me constructive feedback on all of my essays and was always there to push me through a supplement I was being difficult about writing. By the end of the summer both Jamie and Stacy had both set up camp in our dining room, and devoting hours upon hours to helping me; I think it’s safe to say they spent more time in my house than some of my family members.

    In the fall, Patty’s SAT and ACT tutoring put my writing scores in the 95% percentile, my math scores in the 89% percentile and my critical reading score in the 91% percentile. Altogether, JBG’s work with me helped me get into many different schools such as University of Miami, Elon University, University of Vermont, University of Colorado at Boulder, University of South Carolina, and others. I’m extremely grateful that I get the chance to work with JBG as both a student and an intern. Looking back on myself a year ago I was just another student lost in a mess of schoolwork, college applications, extracurriculars with no idea which direction to go in next. JBG has helped me highlight my talents and use them to my advantage whether that be during the college process or just in life in general. Thank you so much JBG!

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