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Starting Applications Early

January 29, 2014 / Posted by in Blog

Although many colleges do not begin accepting applications until the winter, it is a good idea for rising seniors to get a head start on the application process. By dedicating time over the summer to the college search and beginning application essays, students can avoid problems that occur when applications are left until the last minute. Even if students have a list of colleges prepared before the school year begins, it is important to also have a list of teachers to ask for recommendations. It also important to check applications to see if any will require an excessive amount of work.

For high school juniors, it is always a good idea to start researching schools online (and visiting them if possible) to get
an idea of what they look for in their applicants. School websites often give many hints as to what they value in their students and sometimes even provide sample admissions essays. While it is never a good idea to fixate on just one or two schools before gaining acceptance, it never hurts to do as much research and preparation beforehand. By starting the process early, students can avoid making careless mistakes on their applications. An early start also provides time for a few extra sets of eyes to proofread everything before submission.

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