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St. Sebastian’s School

June 24, 2015 / Posted by in Blog

St. Sebastian’s School, located in Needham, is a private all-boys Roman Catholic school for students in grades seven through twelve. Their philosophy of “love God, work hard, and take care of one another” permeates into every aspect of life at St. Seb’s. With about 375 students, an average class size of eleven, and a student to faculty ratio of 7:1, the St. Sebastian’s community is big enough to offer many opportunities to its students but intimate enough that students can have access to their teachers for support as needed. The boys at St. Sebastian’s take classes in a variety of disciplines, some of which are more unique to the history of the school. In addition to the typical course load of English, Math, Science, and History, students also take fine arts, foreign language, and religion courses. Boys at St. Sebastian’s are required to read and write across all disciplines; presentations and public speeches are imbedded in the curriculum across the six years in order to prepare students for projects in college and in their careers. Outside of academics, St. Sebastian’s has a vast array of extracurricular activities for their boys to choose from. Athletics are a huge part of the St. Seb’s life, with teams in a variety of sports across the three seasons. Students can also participate in any number of clubs and activities in visual and performing arts, student publications, spiritual life, and community service organizations.

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