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Sleep Deprivation Effects on Students

August 14, 2013 / Posted by in Blog

Sleep deprivation is so common among college students today that many students are forgetting what it feels like to be legitimately well rested! Numerous studies have shown that lack of sleep can negatively influence memory, mood, and overall health. Unfortunately, the reality is that when college students fight to balance school-work, jobs, and social lives, many consistently sacrifice a good night of sleep.

In addition to serious effects of sleep deprivation that can occur because of the weakened state of the student’s immune system, sleep deprivation also puts students at a higher risk for feeling stressed and having problems with depression or anxiety. Sleep deprived students are also at a higher risk for obesity. Being constantly tired can trick the brain into thinking a person is hungry. College students, who are typically surrounded and tempted by late-night food options are especially vulnerable.

While many people would admit to getting less sleep than they should, recent studies have shown that we often underestimate the impact sleep has on our brain and our ability to function properly. Across the board, students achieve higher in math, science, and reading when they get at least 7 hours of sleep. Overall, it seems that college students should prioritize sleep over other activities when possible, even if it means less time for social activities.

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