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Positive Psychology

October 9, 2013 / Posted by in Blog

Positive Psychology is a relatively new field that has branched off of traditional psychology. This area of psychology focuses on how to encourage human flourishing and reduce negativity in life. While traditional studies in psychology treatment tend to focus on mental illness, positive psychology instead attempts to promote mental health in everyone—not just those with diagnosed psychological disorders.

Positive psychology focuses on many questions, including “What is happiness? What makes people happy? Does increased IQ mean increased happiness? Does money buy happiness?”

One important concept in the field is the idea of “flow” which occurs when a person is completing a task that challenges them and becomes completely absorbed in what he or she is doing. For example, skilled chess players may feel like they lost track of time and feel like they were running on autopilot while playing the game. “Flow” can occur in work, play, and creative tasks. The type of activities that cause “Flow” differs from person to person. Positive psychologists insist that the ability to achieve “flow” in school and in the workplace leads to happier students and employees.

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