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Newsletter: September/October 2010

Newsletter, October 2010

College Applications

Send college applications out early! 
It is advantageous to submit your applications well before the deadline, as admissions officers will have a smaller applicant pool to compare you to. The sooner you have all of this done, the sooner you can go back to focusing on yourself! 

"Should I apply early action or wait until the regular decision deadline?" 
There are certain advantages to applying early actionto a college or university.  When you apply early action, your credentials get a closer look, as there are fewer applicants to compete with. Also, you will get a response from the school much quicker than if you apply regular decision. Students entering their senior year with above average grades, who are satisfied with their SAT/ACT scores, should strongly consider applying early action. 

College Consulting
The college application process can also be very overwhelming.  If this is your first child applying to college, it can be very confusing.  JBG Educational Group offers a thorough college consulting program that can provide you with assistance in everything from filling out and submitting the applications to writing an extraordinary college essay!



Navigating Through School

As your children get further and further into the school year, make sure you keep tabs on their grades.  It is important to monitor your children’s academic performances and take action before report cards come out. If you notice one of your children starting to slip, it is advantageous to bring a tutor aboard.  A tutor can provide  academic support, organization, and motivation. 

Tip of the Month

Keep a watchful eye on your son or daughter’s backpack.  Many students will jam pack their backpacks, resulting in a very heavy one that could potentially hurt their backs.  How many times have you heard somebody say, “Ohhh! My back!!”? Save your child’s back before it’s too late! 

Academic Coaching

Academic coaching is another facet of JBG Educational Group that few are aware of.  In addition to tutoring, focusing primarily on content, an academic coach focuses on organization, time management, and communication between students, parents, and teachers.  There may be a disconnect somewhere other than the books, that an academic coach can help with.

Building on a Foundation

One subject that students can easily fall behind in is Math.  This is because Math builds on a foundation; therefore, if bits and pieces are missing, then the whole tower can fall down.  Different topics in Algebra II, draw from topics learned back in pre-algebra.  Early success in Math is important for future success.  If your child is experiencing trouble in Math now, they will most likely have trouble finding success later on. 

Private School Applications

The private school application process has become increasingly difficult over the years.  It may be surprising to learn that in order for a 6th grader to gain acceptance to many schools he or she must take standardized tests, complete supplemental essays, and interview at schools.  This process can be very overwhelming for both parent and child.  Don’t hesitate to ask JBG Educational Group for help!

Save $$ on Books!

We have also partnered with Amazon.com to provide our families and students with significant discounts on books and resources. If you need to purchase a book for tutoring/test prep/school, visit our online store to take advantage of these great discounts: JBG's Book Nook.