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Newsletter: November 2010

Newsletter, November 2010


Is ADHD in America Over or Under Diagnosed?

In today’s schools, one does not have to look very far before encountering a child with ADHD. Although a seemingly new phenomenon in our school systems and homes, Attention Deficit (Hyperactive) Disorder has been around for generations. The recent rise of the ADHD diagnosis has prompted some to argue that licensed physicians are too quick to label children with this disorder. However, some argue the exact opposite: that ADHD is actually under diagnosed, causing children to suffer.

Those who have undiagnosed ADHD are unable to receive the proper medical care to control their symptoms. Here lies the problem: the majority of diagnoses in the medical world are the result of a conclusive test (for example, a biopsy for a skin disorder). ADHD is different. A diagnosis for ADHD is made from collective observations between parents, teachers, and doctors.

Although based on solid medical evidence, an ADHD diagnosis is largely subjective.  Due to the varying degrees of Attention Deficit (Hyperactive) Disorder, it is sometimes difficult to come up with a proper conclusion. To learn more about ADHD click here.


When Should Juniors Begin SAT Tutoring?

Give your child a head start towards that "2400" by beginning SAT tutoring right after PSAT scores are released. JBG Educational Group will design a program to fit your child's needs and guide him or her all the way until the day of the test!

Upcoming Test Dates to Know

SAT: 12/4/10, 1/22/11, 3/12/11, 5/7/11, 6/4/11
ACT:  12/11/10, 2/12/11, 4/9/11, 6/11/11
SSAT:  12/11/10, 1/8/11, 2/5/11, 3/5/11, 4/9/11, 6/11/11
ISEE:  Schools choose test dates at individual school test sites.


Private school application deadlines are looming. There is plenty to do in preparation for these deadlines, and, if you’re not careful, they may sneak up on you!  Make a “to do” check list. Dot all your Is; cross all your Ts. Also, make sure your child is registered for all the exams he or she has to take in order to complete the application process.

Interview Coaching

A unique service that JBG Educational Group provides is interview coaching for students at the middle school, high school, and college levels.  Allow us to help your child develop the skills and confidence he or she needs to ace that interview!  

Save $$ on Books!

We have also partnered with Amazon.com to provide our families and students with significant discounts on books and resources. If you need to purchase a book for tutoring/test prep/school, visit our online store to take advantage of these great discounts: JBG's Book Nook.

Open Houses

Keep an eye out for open houses at private schools in the area.  Attending an open house is a very beneficial, informative opportunity for both parents and students. 
Beaver Country Day School Open House:
November 11th 8:15 – 9:45


Congratulations to all of our seniors who submitted their college applications by the Early Action/Early Decision deadlines! We can almost hear your sighs of relief! We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed for each and every one of you!

Tip of the Month

Students, let your personality shine through your application essays. It is your chance to show the admissions officers who you are as a person, something that goes beyond grades, activities, and honors.