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Newsletter: January 2012

Newsletter, January 2012


Private Schools vs. Public Schools: What's the Difference?

Parents commonly face the dilemma of choosing a public or a private school for their children. You may ask, how do they compare? There are many differences between the two, including facilities, class sizes, the teaching staff, budget, and prestige.

When it comes to facilities, public schools often range based on the town they are located in. If you live in an area where the public school is in good shape, then it may not be too different from a private school. However, for those who live in an area where the local public schools are mediocre, it may be better to attend a private school, just for the advanced facilities.

Private schools often have alumni who donate money that adds to the budget and further enhances the attributes of the school. Sometimes, thanks to endowments, private schools look more like a state-of-the-art university than a high school. This can be a huge edge when comparing a private school to a low budget public school with less than acceptable amenities.

When it comes to class size, public schools enroll every student that lives in the area. This can lead to large class sizes and overcrowding, depending on the area. Private schools, on the other hand, usually have a competitive admission process and therefore accept fewer students and have smaller classes. This can provide more individualized attention for the students, and can create stronger relationships between the students and faculty.

Many have the notion that teachers at private schools have better credentials than public school teachers. That is not necessarily the case, as every school varies. It is best to look at the teaching staff at both the public school and the private school you are considering to determine which environment is the better match. Most teachers in Massachusetts that teach in the public schools are REQUIRED to pass licensing exams (MTEL), and have (or are working towards) a masters’ degree. As private schools are not required to conform to state standards, teachers in this setting often have a range of degrees and experiences... click here to read the rest of the article.

Student of the Month
Dean Piersiak

Congratulations to Dean Piersiak, who made honor role at St. Sebastian’s last term and is on track for 'high honors' this term! Dean is highly involved in sports; he plays for St. Seb’s 8th grade ice hockey team and is the assistant captain of Needham Bantam B1 ice hockey team. Dean also plays for Needham's middle school ice hockey team and the Needham town pride lacrosse team. This past fall, he played for the 8th grade St. Seb’s football team. He is quite the athlete! In addition to sports, Dean enjoys participating in community service. He has been to Kenya with his family to volunteer at Flying Kites Orphanage. Dean enjoys deep sea fishing with his family, snow boarding, mountain climbing, camping out west, and almost any activity that allows him to spend time outdoors.

Tutor of the Month
Mary Whitcomb

Mary grew up in Hanover, New Hampshire and attended Hanover High School. After high school, she attended Hobart and William Smith Colleges, where she participated in volunteer programs designed to build reading and writing skills in school children in the surrounding communities. She subsequently transferred to the University of Vermont and graduated from that institution in 2004, with a B.A. in English. She minored in Studio Art and enjoys painting and drawing to this day. After graduating from college, she lived and worked in Burlington, Vermont for a few years and spent a month hiking the Appalachian Trail during the summer of 2008. Immediately following her hiking adventures, she relocated to Boston to attend Suffolk University Law School. She graduated from law school, and received her Juris Doctor degree in May 2011. She tutors English, History, Cultures and Arts, as well as writing and research projects for all ages. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, reading and spending time with her adorable chocolate lab, Rosie.

School of the Month:
Boston College
BC is described as one of the top universities in the northeast and those who attend are proud of where they hail from. Football and hockey games draw large attendance, including many alumni. Many students plan road trips to other colleges for BC football games, specifically the huge game at Notre Dame in Indiana. With less than 10,000 students enrolled, BC is a competitive school that can be tough to get into. Students are usually at the tops of their classes in high school and are well-rounded individuals who are athletic and smart. BC has many students whose parents were also graduates. To read the rest of our review on BC please click here.

Tip of the Month

A great way to build an activities resume for college applications is by participating in community service. During the cold winter months, homeless shelters are at full capacity. Sign up to serve a warm meal to those less fortunate this winter. To find a Massachusetts homeless shelter near you please click here.

Quote of the Month

“Aim for success, not perfection. Never give up your right to be wrong, because then you will lose the ability to learn new things and move forward with your life. Remember that fear always lurks behind perfectionism." -
David M. Burns

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