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Newsletter: August 2010

Newsletter, August 2010

 from Jamie's desk

Dear Parents & Students,
     You may have noticed a lot of things happening with JBG Educational Group. I wanted to take a moment to explain to you what has been taking place with the inner workings of the company. This summer, I appointed Brett Holman and Stacy Padula to be Program Directors. Collaboratively, the three of us kicked off a social networking campaign. Our mission is to get the word out there about our company and the services that we can offer to each and every one of our valued clients.
     You may have noticed that we changed our company name from JBG Tutors to JBG Educational Group. This change was made because we offer much more than just tutoring services. We are a group of tutors, college consultants, private school consultants, special-education advocates, and educational advisors. Over the last seven years we have become a one-stop-shop for all academic needs. We have the ability to test students for learning disabilities, as well as create academic plans, goals, and curriculum to support each student's individual needs.
     It is our desire to become better connected with our students, families, and friends. It is also our desire to reach out to more of the surrounding communities and let everyone know what we have to offer. We plan to offer a FREE SAT workshop and FREE College Consulting workshop at local schools. (If you think you're school would be interested, tell them to contact us!)
      We have begun publishing a weekly blog, to provide FREE academic advice and information to our JBG families. Our blog features a college of the week, as well as information about learning disabilities, college life, and interviews with students, coaches, and much more. We are very excited about the launch of our blog! Please Click here to subscribe. 
      In addition to our blog, we have joined Facebook. Facebook is an easy way to stay in touch with our former students and current students, as well as connect with family members of our students. If you would like to become a friend of our staff please click here: JBG Staff's Profile and if you'd like to become a fan of JBG Educational Group please click here: JBG Fan Page
        It is my hope that this note has given you insight into what we have been doing as a company this summer. I speak for Brett, Stacy, and the rest of our staff when I say we truly value your continued loyalty to our company. If I can answer any questions for you, or provide any additional information, please don't hesitate to call or email. 


Back to School

It’s that time again!  As parents and students gear up for another exciting school year, it is important to remember that this can be a stressful time for both parties. Work together to ensure an enjoyable and successful school year!

Tip of the Month

When the school year starts stay organized and on top of your schedule with a detailed agenda.  Homework, sports, student organizations, music lessons, lunch menus, etc. can add up to an overwhelming calendar!  It is wise to post the agenda in a place where your family members can see it and add to it as needed.


Right now is the perfect time to invest in your child’s future.  The first semester of any school year is the most important of all.  By performing well in all classes, a student can set a precedent that his/her teachers and peers will follow throughout the year.  Allow us to help your child put his/her best foot forward!
P.S. Parents, remember that your child may not hit the ground running and may need a little bit of time to ease into the school year. 

The Assignment Book

One of the most powerful, yet underutilized tools that a student has is the assignment book. Parents, how many times have you heard "I don't know" or "I forget" from your son or daughter when you ask him/her about homework? Getting your child in the habit of writing down all of his/her assignments will lead to better grades--we promise!

Back to School Shopping

Make sure all of your back to school shopping is done prior to the first day of school, so that your child will be prepared. Once everyone's schedules fill up, there will be little time to run to the store to buy note cards for History class. 

Special Deals & Promotions!

4x4 = Free Tutoring! 
The hosts of group tutoring sessions can now save big! Each host who puts together a group of at least 4 students to meet 4 or more times will now receive complimentary tutoring at each session! 

Refer a Friend
Refer a friend and receive one free hour of tutoring! There is no maximum amount of rewards, so keep on referring! 

First Session Free!
All new clients that sign up for a one month minimum of tutoring receive one complimentary full length session! 


For any of you "tweeters" out there, we are now on Twitter. To get quick study tips, free SAT/ACT advice, and much more - follow us

Save $$ on Books!

We have also partnered with Amazon.com to provide our families and students with significant discounts on books and resources. If you need to purchase a book for tutoring/test prep/school, visit our online store to take advantage of these great discounts: JBG's Book Nook.