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Newsletter: April 2011

Newsletter, April 2011


Choosing the Right
College for You

Written by Allison Manfreda

With acceptance letters rolling in, high school seniors across the world are trying to make one of the biggest decisions of their lives: where to go to college. There are a lot of things for students to consider when making their final decisions. One part, often overlooked, is the extra curricular and club activities offered by each college or university. While both Cornell and Emory are known for their Greek Life, MIT is recognized for its diversity. Ole Miss (University of Mississippi) is renowned for its athletics, but Lee University tops the rankings in community service. In Boston, one could excel in Northeastern or Wentworth’s cooperative education, or become culturally rich through BU’s well-known study abroad programs. The truth is, each school is known for something. So, with that in mind, it is important for students to be aware of what their “something” is while making their college decision.

As a freshman entering college, figuring out how to become an active participant in your school’s community may seem at first to be a daunting and overwhelming task. The wide variety of opportunities and activities available to join could be exciting or very confusing. As a junior at Boston University, I can say that with strong conviction! At B U, the freshman activities expo, “Splash,” hosts every club and activity available for students to join at one school-wide event each year. “Splash” was a wonderful experience; however, every club looked so interesting and fun that I successfully joined over 20 clubs that day! As time went on, I began only participating in the clubs that truly drew upon my interests. From my experience, I recommend that, despite all the fun activities offered, students should select activities and hobbies that will enrich their college experience. As the old saying goes, quality not quantity is what truly counts, and what will truly impact a student’s life. It is important for students to learn about the resources and extra curricular activities available at each college before deciding where to attend. After all, utilizing valuable campus resources can create a truly rewarding and fulfilling college experience!

Happy Spring from all of us at JBG!

Student of the Month
Shannon Murray

Shannon Murray is currently a senior at Needham High School and in the process of making a decision about what college she will be attending next year. Shannon worked with Jamie and Stacy on the college application process. She applied to 11 colleges and got accepted into 9 of them! We are so proud of her! Shannon says, “It was so exciting and rewarding to constantly receive acceptance letters in the mail especially from those schools that were a bit in my reach. I have been accepted to University of New Hampshire, College of Charleston, UMASS Amherst, Roger Williams University, Miami University of Ohio, Providence College, Loyola University Maryland, Fairfield University, and the University of Delaware. I am interested in pursuing a major in Business or communications. At the moment I am leaning towards attending University of Delaware, where I plan to major in Business and Fashion Merchandising.” Shannon is a delight to work with, and just a wonderful girl! She is an all-around great person with such a sweet spirit. This year she participated in the Habitat for Humanity club and went to South Carolina over February vacation with a group of students for it. She is also in the Charity Water club and on the Yearbook committee. She baby-sits Monday through Wednesday after school and enjoys being the Vice President of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Jr. Board. Well-rounded, intelligent, caring, and a natural leader—Shannon surely has a bright future ahead of her!

Tip of the Month
Stretch your arms, neck, and shoulders every 20-30 minutes when you are at the computer to prevent muscle tension. Seriously, do it!

Tutor of the Month
Rick Ralphson

Born in Chicago, and a Bears fan through thick and thin, Rick has lived throughout the United States and Latin America. With a BA in Psychology and Masters Degrees in Philosophy and Theology, he has taught high school for four academic years and has tutoring experience that spans eighteen years. Whether it has been accompanying Lakota children on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, facilitating annual immersion experiences for teenagers in the Dominican Republic, serving as a chaplain at a West Coast Children’s Hospital, guiding families through Ropes Course adventures, or tutoring your daughter, son, or student; Rick delights in opportunities to learn from others and enthusiastically yet humbly share his gifts. His educational philosophy emphasizes the vital importance of respect, encouragement, diligence, compassion, and patience; and Rick tries to live the following: In all things, love and serve. His primary tutoring expertise lies both in the Humanities, especially English, Spanish and Psychology, and academic coaching, most notably with students wanting to improve their writing and organizational skills. Rick’s hobbies include all types of exercise, flag football, reading poetry, and delighting in the diversity of creation.

New Website

A few months ago, we launched our new interactive website www.jbgeducationalgroup.com. While our old website, www.jbgtutors.com, is still live and running, we are no longer updating it. Moving forward, please use www.jbgeducationalgroup.com instead of www.jbgtutors.com. Our new website has much more information on it and many additional features than that of our old one. Please don’t forget to visit our “current clients” section! There you can download case files, tutor assessments, and student goal sheets—valuable resources for your child’s education.

Quote of the Month

“You can teach a student a lesson for a day; but if you can teach him to learn by creating curiosity, he will continue the learning process as long as he lives.” ~ Clay P. Bedford