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Myers-Briggs Online Test

July 3, 2013 / Posted by in Blog

Everyone has different talents, interests, and skill-sets. Simply put, that is what “makes the world go ’round.” When high school students are faced with the difficult task of choosing a college major, they often feel overwhelmed by all of the choices and unsure of their own professional strengths. The Myers-Briggs personality test is an excellent tool for helping people gain a better understanding of themselves. The results show if someone is introverted, extraverted, a dominant sensor, a dominant intuitive, a dominant thinker, or a dominant feeler. 

There are sixteen different personality types, created by the combination of four letters (each letter having two possibilities). Someone can be either an E or an I (extrovert/introvert), an N or an S (intuitive/sensing), an F or a T (feeling/thinking), and a P or a J (dominant perceiving function/dominant judging function). The last letter (P or J) shows if someone’s second letter (N or S) is the outwardly dominant trait in his/her personality or if the third letter (F or T) is the outwardly dominant trait. 

Everyone is a sensor, intuitive, thinker, and feeler; the difference is that people use introverted versions of these functions and extraverted versions of these functions. For example, if someone uses introverted intuition then he/she uses extraverted feeling. If someone uses introverted thinking then he/she uses extraverted feeling. If someone is a “J” then that means his/her extraverted feeling or thinking function is his/her outwardly dominant personality trait. If someone is a “P” then that means his/her extraverted intuition or sensing function is his/her outwardly dominant personality trait. People are considered introverts (I) if their dominant function is introverted, meaning that they do not openly relate to the outside world by showing their most dominant trait. What the public eye sees is their second most dominant trait. For this reason many introverts seem much harder to get to know well than extraverts. 

Introverted thinking acts much differently that extraverted thinking. The same goes for feeling, sensing, and intuition. The different combination of these functions create a diverse set of personality types, and each type is equipped with different preferences, as well as different areas of strengths and weaknesses. Learning about your personality type can help you understand what types of careers you are likely to find fulfilling. For this reason, we recommend that our students take the Myers-Briggs personality test in order to grow in self-awareness and determine some of their personal strengths that may have gone undetected.

You can take the test for free at https://www.mbtionline.com/. Here you can take the test as well as read about your personality type once you’ve received the results (ENFJ, ISTP, etc.). We have also found it to be very beneficial to read about other personality types in order to gain a deeper understanding of how other people’s minds work.


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