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MCAT – Short for Medical College Admission Test, the MCAT is a standardized test that students must take to gain acceptance into many medical schools. The MCAT assesses the critical thinking, problem solving, written analysis and skills of prospective medial school candidates. The MCAT is organized as follows:

– Physical Sciences Section with General Chemistry and Physics
*52 questions
*70 minutes to complete this section

– Verbal Section
*7 passages
*40 questions
*60 min to complete this section

– Biology and Organic Chemistry Section
*52 questions
*70 min to complete this section

– Optional experimental Section
*questions in Psychology, Sociology, and Biological Basis of Behavior.

The current test is only scored on the first 3 sections. Each section is worth 15 points, so a perfect score on the MCAT is a 45.

*Note – The optional section is going to be expanded and become the new 4th section when the new MCAT launches in the spring of 2015*