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Lehigh University

July 22, 2011 / Posted by in Blog

(Written by Julia H.)

Located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Lehigh University is a private nondenominational school with about 4,700 undergrads and 2,000 graduate students. Although Lehigh is a bit of a hike from any major cities, students who attend Lehigh enjoy each other’s presence on campus and like to take part in on campus activities.

Often Lehigh is a school full of Ivy League school rejects and the environment during the week can be one that is very academic and very competitive. But once the weekend begins, Lehigh students are known to party just as hard as they work. Greek life pretty much dominates the social scene and most of the parties are centered around the sororities and fraternities.

Although Lehigh is well known for its amazing engineering programs, it is important that prospective students know engineering is not the only thing offered at Lehigh. Lehigh’s four colleges (The College of Arts and Sciences, The College of Business and EconomicsThe College of Education, and The P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science) offer more than 2,000 courses to choose from. In terms of studying abroad, Lehigh offers students 200 program options in more than 60 countries that allow students to transfer their credits towards their degrees.

Something to note is that the campus is located on a very large, very steep hill. With dorms at the top students have to climb the hill just to get back to their dorms several times a day. Also, students are required to submit SAT scores and a choice of either SAT II scores or ACT scores with writing.

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