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Learning Disabilities: Resources

Suggested Web Tools for Those with Learning Disabilities

Text to Speech Tools

Those with visual disabilities or those who have trouble reading can use text to speech tools to have information given to them in audio format.

Alternative Formats

These tools and resources provide textbooks and educational information in formats besides text.

Math Help

These tools can help make Math easier to understand and carry out.

Physical Disabilities

These programs are helpful to those who have physical disabilities that impair their ability to use a regular computer.

Language Disabilities

These tools are geared towards making writing and reading easier for those with language disabilities.

  • TraySpell
  • Literacy Online
  • WordQ
  • Text Reader Dictionary
  • WordCue
  • Aurora
  • Pix Writer
  • Yak-Yak
  • Ghotit
  • Breme Write Right
  • Read-e Plus

  • Visual Disabilities

    These computer tools are helpful to the blind and those with serious visual impairment.

    Hearing Impairment

    These tools are helpful to the hearing impaired, and/or the people who work with the hearing impaired.

    General Disability

    These tools are helpful to people with different types of disabilities.

    Concept Mapping

    These tools are designed to help students map out and organize their thoughts.

    Web Browsing

    These browsers make it easy for people with different kinds of disabilities to use the Internet.

    For more information on these helpful tools for those with learning disabilities please visit: http://www.collegedegree.com/library/college-life/100_web_tools_for_learning_with_disability