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Gap Year Gaining Popularity in America

March 3, 2011 / Posted by in Blog

Although ahead of the competition in many categories, America is a bit behind on the “gap year” concept. Extremely popular in Europe, Gap Year programs are designed for high school graduates to get out and explore the world, while gaining hands on experience, before entering their first year of college.

Teens who have participated in these programs claim to have gained a broader global perspective, a better understanding of self, and increased independence. Many programs place students right in the heart of a culture, so they can live and learn amongst the locals, whether that is in Cambodia, Uganda, or Fiji—to name a few possibilities. Gap Year programs offer volunteer opportunities, paid work experiences, worldwide travel, sports education, wildlife adventures, and much more in many exotic locations.

Real Gap Experience is a popular gap year organization that offers programs to 35 different countries worldwide! Scuba dive in Thailand…Learn to surf in Costa Rica…Sail in Australia…Become a ski instructor in the Swiss Alps…Work on a ranch in the outback…Spend a semester at sea…Teach English to impoverished children across the globe…Play hockey in New Zealand…Visit www.realgap.com to learn of over 250 gap year possibilities!

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