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Fordham University

October 3, 2012 / Posted by in Blog

written by Alexa Kallianoites

Fordham University is a non-profit, private, Jesuit university in New York. It is separated into two main campuses: Fordham College at Rose Hill (Bronx), which houses the Gabelli School of Business, and Fordham College at Lincoln Center (Manhattan). Fordham has approximately 8,000 undergraduates and about 6,000 graduate students, and offers several 5-year programs.

Most students reside at the Rose Hill campus, which boasts plenty of student housing and beautiful lawns and gardens. The buildings of Fordham are castle-like, yet there are many modern additions such as the Duane library and the brand-new building for the Gabelli School of Business, which will be finished in Fall 2012. In the center of campus, there is the green known as Eddie’s where students enjoy everything from sun tanning to snowball fights.

Every interest can be pursued at Fordham with 135 students clubs and organizations, along with 23 men and women’s varsity sports teams. While, there are no fraternities or sororities on campus, there is truly something for every personality type. Charity is another large focus at Fordham, about 80% of students actively volunteer throughout the year. Students at Rose Hill are allowed to enroll in courses taught at Lincoln Center and visa-versa. A shuttle runs everyday between the two campuses known as the “Ram Van”. Many students also use this shuttle for exploring New York City.

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