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Elon University

May 28, 2011 / Posted by in Blog

When you first arrive in the city of Elon, North Carolina, it doesn’t seem like anything special. A town with a population of about 7,000 there’s just about as little to do in Elon as there are people. However, what Elon has to offer, although creeping up in the rankings more and more in past years, may be the best-kept secret in the college industry.

Elon University is the home to about 4,000 undergraduate students and about 700 graduate students, a perfect small to middle sized university. In terms of their campus and facilities Elon writes that, “Visitors often comment that Elon is one of the most beautiful campuses they’ve seen. The mild North Carolina climate and colorful change of seasons make Elon an ideal setting for living and learning. Classic brick buildings represent the rich history of Elon. The picturesque oak trees, the meticulous landscaping and the character of Elon’s campus have been creating lasting impressions since 1889.” And most would agree. Although you may feel separated from the outside world, Elon’s campus gives off a tight knit community vibe and a feeling of complete safety throughout the entire campus.

In terms of facilities, Elon’s students couldn’t be luckier. Elon writes that, “Students have access to more than two dozen high-tech scientific instruments, loads of lab space and more than 70 computers in the McMichael Science Center. Belk Library has more than 300,000 bound volumes and 195 computers. Elon’s Moseley Center offers the Campus Shop, Irazu Coffee Shop, meeting space for student organizations and even a fireplace lounge for relaxing between classes. Elon’s athletics complex includes Rhodes Stadium, which seats 8,250, and Belk Track. From academics to athletics, Elon’s state-of-the-art facilities offer something for everyone.” Elon definitely strives to provide for its students and visitors notice that every building at Elon feels extremely new, as if it was just built last year. Because they are such a small university Elon is always able to offer the newest and the best of everything.

Another thing that makes Elon unique is their winter term. A special month long program in January where students take only one class of their choosing. Often, class choices will be interesting and different from typical core curriculum requirements, for example a class on the business of NASCAR or Behind CSI: The Real Science and Chemistry of Forensics. If that isn’t enough, Winter Term takes place during the entire month of January and starts right after students return from Christmas vacation.

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  1. Cindy Wolfe says:

    Hi Jamie,
    My daughter, Hannah, is a freshman at Elon and loves it. The undergrad population is up to 5800. There is plenty to do in the area and the Elon “biobus” transports kids to Burlington, 5 min away where there is lots of shopping, movie theaters etc. Easy drive to UNC, Duke and Wake Forest with campus zip cars, too.

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