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Collegiate Housing

February 2, 2011 / Posted by in Blog

While attending college there are many different housing options for students. Many students choose to live in dorms, especially when they are in their first few years of college. Dorms can be a lot of fun for freshman, as they are a great way to meet new people. Often students living in dorms leave their doors wide open and roam in and out of each other’s rooms freely. Friendships are made quickly on each floor of a dorm.

There are many different types of dorms, including substance-free dorms that prohibit smoking, drinking, and drugs. There are also honors dorms at many schools, which are only available for honors students to reside in. At some colleges there are single-sex dorms where only one sex resides in the entire building. Some schools offer special interest housing, for example a dorm could be filled with all Christian students or African students.

In addition to different types of dorms, there are also different rooms available within them. The most common size rooms are singles, doubles, triples, and quads. Some dorms are set up into suites. A suite usually consists of a couple bedrooms, a bathroom, and possibly a kitchen or living room. Suite setup varies from school to school. Suites are set up similar to apartments. While it is nice to have a more private living area, shared by only few people, some complain that it is harder to meet new people within the confines of a suite, especially freshman year.

Many schools offer on-campus housing. This means that the college or university owns houses and apartments, and that students can choose to rent them instead of living in a dormitory. Not having to deal with a landlord is a great benefit of living in on-campus housing.

Many students, especially upperclassmen, decide to rent apartments or houses off campus. An off-campus house means that the landlord is not affiliated with the university. This may mean a lot of responsibility for students, as they would have to deal with a landlord on their own and take responsibility for issues like rent, utilities, maintenance, and security deposits.

At some colleges students may join fraternities or sororities that have a house. Members of the fraternity or sorority may have the option to live in that house. In these cases the student would pay rent to the owner of the house. Sometimes a landlord who is not affiliated with the Greek organization owns the house, but in many cases organization owns the property.

“In my opinion, I think all students should live in a dorm, at least for freshman year. It’s a great experience and a great way to meet a wide variety of people. Living in a dorm freshman year is how I met most of my best friends. I also suggest that every student live in an apartment or house at some point. Whether it’s off campus or on, it’s a great experience living with friends and having freedom from RA’s. I have also lived in a sorority house, and I suggest that anyone involved in Greek-life move into one if it’s offered. Living in a sorority house was an amazing experience; you truly make sister-like connections with people you probably never thought you would—just by living with them. I suggest that every student try to live in as many different types of housing as possible, as it helps creates the ultimate college experience!” – Kara Scozzari, Senior at UNH & JBG Intern

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