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College on the Month: UMASS Boston

January 17, 2012 / Posted by in Blog

(Written by Daniella Jordan)

The University of Massachusetts Boston, located in Dorchester’s Harbor Point peninsula, is the only public university within the city of Boston. It is the second largest school within the University of Massachusetts system, only behind UMASS Amherst. Founded in 1964, this beautiful campus is surrounded by Boston Harbor and can be seen in many throughout the school. The campus consists of 7 buildings, including the brand new Campus Center, which has become as a place for students to congregate or find a secluded place to study on their own.

Being a commuter school, UMASS Boston appeals to those looking to earn their degree based on a flexible class schedule. Many students are reentering the academic world, looking to complete their studying in a comforting setting. The university offers free bus transportation to the JFK/UMASS MBTA stop, allowing students within the city to take advantage of public transportation while traveling to school. There are also many accessible parking lots on campus for students who have their own transportation to school.

The university has begun the process of giving students a more gratifying overall college experience as a united class, beginning school together and graduating together. Although there are no dorms located on campus, there are two apartment complexes within walking distance of the school. The Harbor Point on the Bay apartment community is located along Boston Harbor, creating a secluded neighborhood for students living there. These affordable apartments and townhouses are located along the water and have a great view of downtown Boston. Across the street, the Peninsula Apartment buildings are brand new and provide students a more upscale living situation while still maintaining a sensible setting. Neither of the apartment complexes are affiliated with UMASS, but have a connection through the university’s student housing office, providing incoming students with roommates.

UMASS Boston’s academic pride can be matched with its athletic achievements. A NCAA Division III program with 9 sports teams for both male and female students, the Beacons have always been a top contender in the Little East conference. Many athletes have received individual recognition within the Little East conference, as well as many teams taking top honors within the conference, including the Women’s Volleyball team, winning their division in 2011. Although the school is small, the athletic programs are a great way for students to become acquainted with one another.

With its great location and promising academic dedication from both facility and students, the University of Massachusetts Boston provides a college experience willing to fit the individual student. Whether someone is looking to finishing a degree from a previous try or looking to start from the beginning, UMASS Boston allows its students to create the college experience they desire.

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  1. Thanks for all of the information about UMASS, especially at the end when you explain that it will provide a college experience fit to the individual. In my personal opinion, having housing and an off campus experience that is fit to the individual would be as important as the on campus experience, because together they will form all of the experiences and memories the student will take away from UMASS. I’ll have to look more into good student housing options for UMASS!

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