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University of Rhode Island

November 15, 2010 / Posted by in Blog

The University of Rhode Island, located in the rural town of South Kingston, is the ideal school for anyone looking for a great education and a quick walk to the beach. For the most part, students who attend URI are from the Northeast, New York (particularly Long Island), and New Jersey, but every now and then someone from the West Coast will walk across campus. The CELS (College of Environmental Life Sciences), College of Pharmacy, and College of Business Administration are the three strongest programs offered at URI. URI has gone through serious changes in the past several years. Renovated academic buildings, highlighted by a brand new Center for Biotechnology and Life Sciences, along with new and renovated dormitories display the consistent growth that URI is experiencing. At the top of campus, just north of the quadrangle, one will find The Emporium, which is home to several bookstores, shops, and eateries. It is almost impossible to overlook International Pocket’s, one of the most popular restaurants on campus that boasts, “The Sexiest, Healthiest Food on Campus.”

Social Scene
Dorm life is fantastic at URI; it offers the opportunity for students to find people with similar interests and allows students to become self-sufficient. A strong Division I sports program unites students and the surrounding community, as thousands pile into the Ryan Center for basketball games. “Rhody, Rhody, Rhody… Rams, Rams Rams!!” Freshmen find themselves drawn to Greek life, as it dominates the social scene on campus. One of URI’s flagship events is something called Oozeball. Every spring, hundreds of students gather around gigantic mud pits and play competitive games of volleyball. Disclaimer: You will get dirty!

After freshman year, the majority of students pair up with friends and decide to move off campus, or “down the line.” There are hundreds of houses rented out by students each year at a reduced rate from summer rentals. The town of Narragansett is home to some popular spots for students to live: Bonnet Shores, Eastward Look, and Point Judith. Living off campus has its perks. Narragansett and Scarborough beach are very close by and frequented by students in the early and late school months. On any given day, many URI students will break out their wetsuits and go surfing. Other points of interest include, Newport, Ocean Drive, the Blackpoint Cliffs, Point Judith, and the Old Mountain Lanes. For those in need of a few extra bucks, there are hundreds of places to work “down the line,” as it is a huge commercial district.

“While attending URI I was able to find friends who I will be close to for the rest of my life. In addition, URI provided me a superior education that will support me any where I go.” -Tyler Zbinden – URI Class of 2007

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