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College of the Week: Stonehill College

November 15, 2010 / Posted by in Blog

Stonehill College is a private, Roman Catholic school located in the suburban town of Easton, Massachusetts. With approximately 2,470 students, Stonehill is closer to the size of a high school than the size of a university. However, many students have found that the small size gives the college a more welcoming and friendly atmosphere. When walking around campus, the majority of students say hi as they walk by one another.

Stonehill is not very diverse; the typical student is white, “preppy”, and comes from a middle class family in New England. Students generally wear Polo, Lacoste, Abercrombie and Fitch, and carry Vera Bradley bags. If you are looking for a “typical college campus” atmosphere, then Stonehill is for you. The small-town life makes students feel immediately at home. For students who have a car on campus, the possibilities are endless. Easton has plenty of restaurants and shops, and is surrounded by other towns that have the same amenities.

During the week most students spend their time studying, since this college is very challenging academically. However, on weekends students know how to let loose. Students mostly party in dorms, since upperclassmen are permitted to live in “wet” dorms that allow students over twenty-one to drink. There are the occasional off campus parties; however, most students live on campus because real estate is expensive in Easton. Students with cars sometimes travel to local bars and pubs, or make a weekend trip into Boston. Students also attend various mixers (dances) throughout the year that the college hosts in the gymnasium. Students complain that the alcohol policy at Stonehill is too strict, though it is possible to learn ways around it.

The dorm rooms are exceptionally large when compared to other school’s dorm rooms. A points system is used to determine housing placement. Students receive points for being active—participating in sports, clubs, attending lectures, etc. The more involved a student is, the better housing they will get. Beware! You can also lose points for misbehavior!

There is no Greek life at Stonehill, but students are united by their passion for school athletics. Football and hockey games draw decent crowds (although students need a car to attend home hockey games). Intramural sports are also popular at Stonehill.
In a nutshell, Stonehill College is a small school that offers personal attention from professors, a challenging course load, and a friendly student body.

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