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University of Miami

August 5, 2011 / Posted by in Blog

(Written by Julia H.) The University of Miami, located in Coral Gables, Florida, has a reputation for being a party school. However, ever since current president, Donna Shalala, took control, the school has risen in popularity and also in the rankings. In 2010 U.S. News & World Report recognized UM as the No.1 school in Florida, and also ranked it No. 47 in its listings of “America’s Best Colleges.” The University of Miami is multifaceted and has much more to

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The Benefits of Doing an Internship

July 29, 2011 / Posted by in Blog

The challenging job market has made it virtually impossible to find a full-time job after graduation without any experience. Internships are the perfect way to gain real-world exposure and build a network of contacts before graduation. Having relevant work experience on your resume can give you an edge and set you apart from the competition. An internship is a temporary position that is usually done by college students seeking to gain experience in their field. Internships may be paid, unpaid,

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Lehigh University

July 22, 2011 / Posted by in Blog

(Written by Julia H.) Located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Lehigh University is a private nondenominational school with about 4,700 undergrads and 2,000 graduate students. Although Lehigh is a bit of a hike from any major cities, students who attend Lehigh enjoy each other’s presence on campus and like to take part in on campus activities. Often Lehigh is a school full of Ivy League school rejects and the environment during the week can be one that is very academic and very

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Harvard University

July 4, 2011 / Posted by in Blog

(Written by Julia H.) Founded in 1636 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard University is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the United States. Harvard’s impressive rankings and Ivy League status may give off the impression that Harvard would have a stuck up and arrogant environment. However, the impression the school wishes to make on its prospective students is much less Ivy League and a little more down to earth than would be expected. On Tour at Harvard Engaging

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Single Sex vs. Coed Education

June 27, 2011 / Posted by in Blog

(Written by Julia H.) In 1881 the Dana Hall School was founded as an all girls school that would prepare women for Wellesley College. Almost 130 years later Dana Hall School still holds about 400 – 500 girls from 6th to 12th grade. Although girls are no longer sent straight to Wellesley following their graduation, there still seems to be greater and greater interest among parents to send their children to Dana Hall School and other single sex schools like

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Bryant University

June 20, 2011 / Posted by in Blog

(Written by Margaret Pesikov) Located in Smithfield, Rhode Island, Bryant University is one of the most respected business schools in New England. With approximately 3000 students, Bryant is a very small campus and every building is within several minutes of walking. Also, the campus is very scenic and a pleasure to walk through. The size of the campus also contributes to its community feeling. After only a few months of their freshman year, most students end up getting to know

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My Summer Enrichment Experience at UCLA

June 13, 2011 / Posted by in Blog

(Written by Julia H.) My summer before junior year, I stepped off of the plane at the LAX airport and into Los Angeles for the first time. A man in a neon shirt, who sort of looked like Ashton Kutcher, greeted me and asked if my name was Dahlia. Did I even look like a Dahlia? “No,” I replied, “It’s Julia.” He asked if I was from Boston, and when I nodded he commented on how I hadn’t had to

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Testing with Learning Disabilities

June 6, 2011 / Posted by in Blog

Why the ACT is better for ADHD (Written by Julia H.) Junior year, I took the PSATs, along with every other Sophomore and Junior in my school. If it were possible to fail the PSATs, I would have. As a student testing with ADHD, I would hardly get halfway through the problems when time would already be up. So, when it came time to take my actual standardized tests, my family and I knew I would need extended time. Now

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Elon University

May 28, 2011 / Posted by in Blog

When you first arrive in the city of Elon, North Carolina, it doesn’t seem like anything special. A town with a population of about 7,000 there’s just about as little to do in Elon as there are people. However, what Elon has to offer, although creeping up in the rankings more and more in past years, may be the best-kept secret in the college industry. Elon University is the home to about 4,000 undergraduate students and about 700 graduate students,

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Spring Break Activities For All Ages

April 9, 2011 / Posted by in Blog

As the warmer weather rolls in with the beginning of spring, students of all ages look forward to one week of freedom—spring break! While spring break provides time for catching up on rest, participating in leisure activities, and spending time with friends and family, it also brings with it great opportunity for high school students to brush up on SAT/ACT skills and/or visit colleges and universities. Despite the wealth of knowledge available in print and online, students can gain better

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