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Who do we hire?

JBG Educational Group is an equal opportunity employer that scouts tutors from all over New England. Experience with children and the educational system is REQUIRED. Current teachers, tutors, and academic coordinators are encouraged to apply. We do make special exceptions for college students with demonstrated experience and exceptionally high test scores.

The Hiring Process: Upon applying, please be prepared to forward an electronic resume and names of individuals who have witnessed your abilities. After reading your resume and contacting the provided parties, we will schedule an individual interview. During the interview, in addition to questions about your character and educational skills, a minor mock lesson with the interviewer will occur. Please do not be intimidated; this is merely to ensure that each tutor hired has the personality and skills required by our company to ensure top-level performance. In some circumstances, testing in the subject that a potential tutor is interested in and an academic transcript will be requested. If the tutor’s needs match the focus, mission, and direction of the company, then the tutor will be hired and expected to start upon the previously agreed date.

A day in the life of a JBG tutor: Tutoring with JBG Educational Group is a unique experience; we try our best to create a fun and academically focused environment. We seek independent, self-starters who have the ability to self-manage and not only bring enthusiasm and creativity, but also discipline and structure to the learning table. Our tutors are responsible for turning in weekly time sheets; they have the freedom and flexibility to schedule and manage their assigned students. Tutors are paid each week, midweek. There is no minimum amount of hours or specific days required, but the tutor is expected to have free time in the afternoons and evenings to meet with students. Monthly meetings are scheduled on occasion for tutors to share experiences and training with each other, as JBG Educational Group strongly supports a team approach. During these meetings we focus on curriculum development and creative ways to engage students.

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