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Big Football Schools

May 6, 2015 / Posted by in Blog

It’s a Saturday morning, but students are not sleeping in. They are awake, getting ready for the highlight of their week. It’s not a Friday night party, but rather a Saturday morning football tailgate—and it is a corner stone of student life at Division I football colleges. Schools in the south such as University of South Carolina, University of Georgia, Louisiana State University, University of Florida, Florida State University, University of Tennessee, University of Texas at Austin, University of Alabama, and Auburn University—ones in the Midwest such as The Ohio State University, University of Wisconsin Madison, University of Michigan, and Michigan State University—and others on the west coast such as the University of Southern California and University of Oregon have some of the best football programs in the nation. Nearly every student joins in on the festivities each weekend.

A school with a big football culture is also one with an abundance of spirit and pride, as well as an active alumni base. It is a different scene than perhaps what many in the Northeast are used to, but it is “the norm” in many other regions. Colleges with renowned football programs typically have big campuses with large populations, numerous majors, and a multitude of resources. While this can initially seem overwhelming, students quickly see that a large school has a lot to offer them, including hundreds of student organizations, professional research opportunities, and world class faculty in a variety of fields. If a student has a diverse scope of interests or is unsure of a major, it might be wise to consider the benefits of a large university, which often include curriculum that grants students the flexibility to explore classes in different fields before declaring a major. With so many campus amenities and course offerings, along with fun football games to attend, it is no wonder that large universities with “sports cultures” are so popular.

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