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An Educational Face-Off

August 26, 2011 / Posted by in Blog

Victim: Discouraged Student
Villain: Learning Disabilities X
Hero: Educational Advocate

When asked to describe the experience of getting through the day with a learning disability one senior in high school stated, “When you have ADHD or another learning disability, sometimes you can feel like you’re stuck. Most people genuinely don’t think there’s anything wrong with you; I mean let’s face it—it’s not cancer. So, your school is resistant to provide you with any extra accommodations, and you’re left feeling like you can’t relate to any of the other students with disabilities. You’re given your meds and sent off to take your math test. Twenty minutes go by, and you’re only on the first page. Thirty minutes go by, and you’ve gotten two pages done… or at least the easy problems done… and you’ve skipped around the test, beginning almost every problem. Forty minutes go by, and the first kids get up to leave. You aren’t even close to done, but the bell is going to ring in five minutes and it isn’t going to extend any grace.”

For a lot of students, this is the reality of their everyday life at school. Students with learning disabilities are often given medication that people assume will “fix the problem”. Issues with processing, attention, spatial relationships, language, reading, organization, and writing can negatively affect students’ abilities to perform in school—with or without medication. When educational rules identical to those given to students without learning disabilities are given to students with learning disabilities, it often results in frustration for these students and the inability to perform at their highest level. Students grow discouraged, teachers become challenged, and even the most understanding parents struggle to understand their children’s predicaments. Enter: Educational Advocate.

As educational advocates, we at JBG Educational Group work with students’ families, schools, and other relevant professionals to guarantee that students receive the appropriate education necessary for optimizing their opportunities to reach their highest potential. We work with a student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) and make accommodations to best suit the student’s academic needs. (An IEP helps break a student out of the identical education mold and give him or her a personalized program tailored to his or her particular needs.) We collaborate with families and school systems to make sure proper assessments are being used to determine each student’s current level of educational performance. We believe that there are many components to a successful educational experience. As advocates, we coordinate with each of those components to ensure our students are being treated fairly, receiving proper accommodations, and utilizing offered resources” To learn more about the educational advocacy program at JBG as well as other consulting services, go to http://jbgeducationalgroup.com/consulting.

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