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Academic Coaching: Could It Be Just What Your Child Needs?

January 19, 2011 / Posted by in Blog

As we continue to hear from so many parents facing challenges in their quest to define and maintain the delicate balance between ‘over’ and ‘under’-parenting, the educational staff at JBG began brainstorming…

With the growing and evolving needs for varied levels of academic support, we asked ourselves the question: what additional resources, solutions, and services could we offer to better suit the needs of both students and concerned parents today?

In this age of added pressure to meet sky-high expectations for academic excellence and futures defined by pursuits of higher education, students are often plagued with anxieties and hardships far beyond what was once a primary focus to achieve good grades.

Today, lack of motivation, focus, time management skills, and organization are some of the most common challenges faced by many students who struggle in school. Subsequently, just one of these added burdens, or any combination thereof, can be enough to stunt a child’s progress, or be the sole contributor to a student not reaching his or her full potential.

Enter Academic Coach
This concept was developed fairly recently in tutoring and academic support settings. It caters specifically (but not limited to) students who are capable of doing their work, but would benefit from having someone by their side on a regular basis to ensure that assignments are being completed consistently. Ideally, the academic coach would be present not only to facilitate the regular completion of work, but also to serve as a support network, providing academic guidance when necessary.

Staffed with many highly qualified academic coaches, our goal at JBG Educational Group is to help our students learn to prioritize their assignments and further develop the tools and skills they need to be successful in their studies. Our academic coaches are valuable resources to busy parents who understand the importance of providing emotional and academic support but are unable to grant their children consistent support due to occupations, family obligations, or various other reasons. It is our hope that by offering academic coaching, we might alleviate some of the anxiety and stress associated with “homework time” for both students and parents.

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  1. Nate says:

    I am inquiring about academic coaching for my brother, who’s a junior at Worcester State. He’s been struggling academically for most of his college experience, but this past semester he failed two courses – his third overall – placing him a semester behind his peers. He’s a bright student, but has admitted to struggling with bringing some structure to bear on the loosely organized college life.

    Do you service the Worcester area?

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