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About Us

JBG Educational Group is founded and owned by Dr. Jamie Rodriguez.

We are a strong team that blankets Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Connecticut with positive attitudes and demonstrated abilities. Our team is composed of male and female tutors from a variety of different ethnic backgrounds, with a wealth of knowledge from several programs all over the country. Our tutors each have unique relative strengths. Our team prides itself on assessing each child’s individual needs, and matching an appropriate tutor based on personality, ability, location, and demonstrated skills.

Our tutors take the initiative to create a positive learning environment and, when appropriate, communicate with different resources that are part of your child’s learning system (teachers, school psychologists, special education coordinators, etc.) to create a team approach. Most importantly, our tutors support each student by teaching him/her individual skills that will facilitate his/her academic growth—long after the tutoring has ended. We define ourselves by leaving an academic mark on the mind.

Our Mission

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